Working with Catherine was a tremendous pleasure. She brings a rare combination of deep coaching skills and real-world senior executive experience to her practice and that combination means that she can be both supportive and challenging at the same time. Catherine is a great listener, understanding not only the surface of what is being said, but also digging in and seeing patterns that she can then challenge and identify. Using these skills, Catherine helped me to realize some of the negative paradigms that I had been operating with, and then helped me to change and build new paradigms that have given me a more effective approach. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking to improve their approach to work and to life.

– Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Catherine excelled at providing me with sound perspectives to keep objectives focused while clearing the self-imposed clutter. By asking questions, challenging assumptions and focusing my thinking, Catherine helped me identify barriers and provided coaching to assist my team effectively get past obstacles, many of which had been self-imposed, and deliver an outstanding project.

– National Director

Working with Catherine has been such a pleasure, as well as an invaluable learning experience. She has an innate ability to read both the big picture (and any related interpersonal dynamics at play) and the implications for the individual. She coaches with insight, experience and patience, looking to help people discover and deliver the best possible outcomes against their goals. I often think about Catherine’s approach to achieving professional objectives and attempt to channel those learnings on a regular basis.

– Director

I always appreciated Catherine’s ability for “straight talk”.  She would quickly assess where I was getting side-tracked and let me know in kind, yet direct, words to get out of my own way and focus on what I needed to accomplish.  Her coaching was direct, insightful and empowering.

– Director

Working with Catherine was the best gift I could give myself in my professional career. In a few short months, I was able to make measurable progress in my chosen area of development. Catherine’s enthusiasm was contagious as she seamlessly weaves her expertise into challenging conversations, and her compassion is genuine.

– Director

I was looking to make a career transition at an executive level, after being in the same industry for many years. It was great luck that Catherine was introduced to me, and I knew after our first meeting that she was the coach I needed. With her vast experience and guidance, I was able to package my career more holistically while showcasing proven skills, I developed invaluable tools and text for building my personal brand, and she provided expert support for specific interview skills I wanted to improve. Beyond the value-added she provided during my career transition, she was always extremely professional, kind, flexible and generous, which made her a pleasure to work with. Without her, I doubt I would have been able to jump into the deep-end so quickly.

– Global Representative